Taino Names of the Caribbean Islands

The Taino names  of the Caribbean islands based on Jalil Sued-Badillo (ed.), ‘General History of the Caribbean, vol. 1: Autochthonous Societies’ (Paris: UNESCO Publishing/London: Macmillan 2003) Plate 8.
The Taino names of the Caribbean islands based on Jalil Sued-Badillo (ed.), ‘General History of the Caribbean, vol. 1: Autochthonous Societies’ (Paris: UNESCO Publishing/London: Macmillan 2003) Plate 8.


  1. Was there a single name all of the Caribs (Kalinagos) were known by? As a regional group? I spoke to a Kalinago in Dominica and he gave me the impression there were group names depending on where they were – NE south america, central america, SE north america, Caribbean.

    I am looking for a single “tribe” name for the islands of whatt we now call the Caribbean Basin – from Cuba south-east to Trinidad inclusive.


    • Sorry ’bout that, I must be getting old… did they all claim to be tribes within the Taino? Is “Taino” what I am looking for?


      • Taino does not mean what you think…the indigenous never refereed to themselves as taino.the word taino means family,family member or kin…I will tell you the name of some of the tribes,,macorix,siboney,ciguayo,carib,guanahatabey,there are a couple moor,,,not to mention the calusa,creek,tequesta,nations from s.carolina and georgia,,,we were all trading and mixing…

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        • So was there an overall name for all of them combined? What kind of grand scheme did they all think they belonged to? I am looking for a single word for that…

          Thanks in advance.


          • I don’t think so….there were to many ethnic groups and they all had there own part of the caribean…most of the islands have there original taino names..there was alot of competition…


          • No, there wasn’t one collective name. It would be like grouping all the Indigenous of any nation into one name.


  2. […] Taino Names of the Caribbean Islands Map: I first saw this map being circulated on Facebook as a shared photo. I shared it on my wall and a couple of friends shared it from me. When I did a google search for the image I found it came from this wordpress site, Decolonial Atlas. There is a lot of interesting conversation happening in the comments and some in Spanish that I can’t fully translate. […]


  3. A muchas personas cuando se mudan a US u otros paises, les encanta que le cambien su nombre. Yo naci en el Caribe, por que no ser Carobeño? De donde sale el apodo “latino” o “hispano”( tengo idea). Pero por 26 años que vivi en US, nunca me considere ninguna. No permito ser nombrado con lo que no soy y/o comparto.


  4. excellent reading…..los caribises…the most warrior tribe of the islands named after them…and the sea..are from this tribe that not only battled against spanish blood n gold thirsty dogs…..but battled even the vikings that went by breifly…the caribises ….now known as caribs….were not small in size nor vegitarians like the tainos n arawaks….guanahatabeyes..
    ciguayos…they were big.tall muscular meat eaters….they were not interested in history nor did they leave much to be studied….they wete not canibals like noted when spoken of….they would cut the heart out of there fallen enemies and bite it…..meaning there enemies will not come back ever again…the zambos
    were mixed indigenous peoe with the afrijan slaves that were brought in to the islands…after the conquistadors killed most of the men……and yes the conquistadors were of afrikan..muslims….moorish decendants….from spain…..


  5. La Isla de Mona al Oeste de Puerto Rico pertenece al municipio de Mayagüez , El nombre Taíno de esta Isla es Amoná … , En el Siglo XIX , en Isla de Mona había una compañía minera que extraía “El Guano” , el guano es el excremento de las aves , en este caso estamos hablando del de los murciélagos , Es un excelente fertilizante que en mí opinión personal se debería reactivar esta operación para el desarrollo económico de Puerto Rico y a su vez no habrá necesidad de los servicios de “Monsanto” … Obviamente esto requiere precaución porque en las cuevas hay tallados indígenas tanto en las paredes como en las rocas , Hay una operación parecida en Las Islas Galápagos (Ecuador) … La cual por no haberlo hecho con prudencia han habido daños quién sabe si irreparables , En la Cueva Negra en Isla de Mona todavía están los rieles que se utilizaban en esta operación…

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  6. We need to know the original peoples of the Caribbean. This type of information helps sensitise our modern natives to the genocide that occurred following 1492.


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