Scottish Gaelic in Decline

Percentages of Gaelic speakers (mono and bilingual) in Scotland in successive census years, by Kandle et al.
Percentages of mono- and bilingual Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) speakers in Alba (Scotland) in successive census years, by Kandle et al.


Red, 75–100% Gàidhlig speaking
Orange, 50–74.9% Gàidhlig speaking
Yellow, 25–49.9% Gàidhlig speaking
White, less than 25% Gàidhlig speaking



  1. Not sure this is totally helpful way of showing this since there is a significant Gaelic speaking population in Glasgow but of course as a percentage this barely shows up. It would be interesting to see these maps as absolute numbers. Given the dominance of English (not even getting into the Lallands discussion) it would actually be astonishing if any of the white areas (<25%) had as much as 25% Gaelic speakers.


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