The Decolonial Atlas is currently working on several new and exciting mapping projects.

We can use your help! Indigenous languages speakers, cartographers, artists, and anyone with ideas to share or time on their hands – please be in touch!

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Instagram: @decolonialatlas
Twitter: @decolonialatlas


  1. Apparently “colonizing” doesn’t apply when it’s you, raiding an artists website and taking their images, ones literally stamped with copyright protection language, and using them without permission or acknowledgement.


  2. Please send info on how I can purchase the maps for the average output of wheat and rice. I am writing a book about wheat and rice, and think these two would be very helpful.


  3. Great job! But a bit anglo-centric maybe? As for Europe, mostly Irish entries and 1 Basque. You are missing the whole 1000 year old Catalan Question! Would be amazing to find stuff here 😉


  4. Amos Bad Heart Bull was perhaps the best architect who ever lived, though he may never have built beyond his own shelter, his understanding of space greatly outweighed those of our contemporaries or their beloved “influences.” Miigwech for beginning this project, it is quite important!


  5. PROJECT IDEA: Would love to have this map produced for grade 10 history class
    For Canada:
    show the tiny percentage of the entire country owned by FN (6% I think??) VS Non… with a quote -caption from The Inconvenient Indian: What do white people want? land.

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    • Please send info on how I can purchase these maps. I have a grandson who loves map-making. I research indigenous matricultures in the land now called Canada and use cartography to expose subjugated knowledge of matricultures. Currently in doctoral studies.

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