Update on Our Lawsuit

Big news, everyone! A fossil fuel baron came for us in court and lost!

Here’s the story: In 2019, we published a map of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet. It included Nick DeIuliis, the former CEO of the Consol coal corporation and current CEO of its natural gas spin-off, CNX. Evidently, he didn’t like the notoriety of being held responsible for destroying our climate, so last year he filed a meritless lawsuit to suppress the exercise of our First Amendment rights. We were advised not to discuss the lawsuit while it was pending, but thanks to generous representation from Rob Balin and Adam Rich of Davis Wright Tremaine we were able to get the suit dismissed! The fossil fuel industry is so scared, they’re filing lawsuits they know they can’t win just to keep their critics quiet for a while.

We refuse to be silenced.



  1. Anyone who tries to jail Josu Jon Imaz (the Zionist Lobby’s man in the Basque Country according to investigative journalism that was silenced two decades ago already) has my full support.

    However what the map shows is that the problem is Capitalism itself and nothing short of destroying Capitalism will work, really.

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  2. So, how about a big Boo! for Obama appearing at COP26 to deliver remarks including “hate speech” about China? A good organized “assault” on Obama’s false credentials, now a mere “citizen” should be added to “Let’s Go Brandon.”


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