Tongva Sites of Los Angeles

Yaanga Map.pngYaanga (AKA Los Angeles) has the largest indigenous population of any city in the US when factoring in indigenous diasporas from Latin America and Oceania. It’s native inhabitants, the Tongva, while just a small fraction of the population in today’s Yaanga, are still practicing their culture as they have for generations and are in the process of reclaiming many of their sacred spaces.

According to Glen Creason, a contributor to the new book, “LAtitudes: An Angeleno’s Atlas“, in  which this map appears:

“The map shows the central village of Yaanga, traces the role of both the rivers and the sea in the Tongva’s cultural life, and details the relationship the original dwellers had with the sacred land and water. The place names of the Tongva villages are, appropriately, much more prominent than the missions where the tribe suffered indignities.”

Map by David Deis
Source: LAtitudes: an Angeleno’s Atlas, Heyday Press, 2015

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