Montreal in Mohawk

Tiohtià:ke tsi ionhwéntsare (Montréal, Québec) in Kanien’kéha (Mohawk), by Karonhí:io Delaronde and Jordan Engel
Tiohtià:ke tsi ionhwéntsare (Montréal, Québec) in Kanien’kéha (Mohawk), by Karonhí:io Delaronde and Jordan Engel

This map of Tiohtià:ke tsi ionhwéntsare was made by Karonhí:io Delaronde, a Kanien’kéha speaker from Kanièn:ke (Ganienkeh –, and Jordan Engel, a map-maker from Ka’skonhtsherá:kon (Rochester).

The following list of toponyms contains the Kanien’kéha place name, it’s translation, and the English place name:

A’nenharihthà:ke (Place where the grapes are cooked) – Saint-Eustache, QC

Ioniatarakwà:ronte (It has a bulge in the lake/river) – Chambly, QC

Ka’neshatà:ke (Where the fine snow-crust is [named so because when going there when it is real sunny the sands of the foothill sparkled like the snow-crust]), or Kaneshatà:ke (On the foothill) – Oka, QC

Kahentà:ke – (On the prairie), or Ken’tà:ke – La Prairie, QC

Kahnawà:ke (On, at the rapids) – Kahnawake, QC

Kanà:tso (Pail in the water, pail boiling) – The Ottawa River

Kaniá:tare tsi kahnhokà:ronte – The Richelieu River

Kaniatarowanénhne (Place of the big river), or Kahrhionhwa’kó:wa (The great sized river) – The St. Lawrence River

Karonhiatsi’kowáhne (Where the sky is noticeably great)- Longueuil, QC

Oshahrhè:’on (Most likely to do with Osháhrhe [Cattail]) – Chateauguay, QC

Oshahrhè:’on, or Shahrhè:’on – The Chateauguay River

Otsirà:ke (On the fire), or O’seronnì:ke (Place of where the axes are made), or Tiotià:kon/Tiótia’ke (Broken in two [the St. Lawrence river breaks into two around the island]) – Montreal Island

Skaniatará:ti (Across the river) – Lachine, QC

Tiohtià:ke (From Tiotià:kon/Tiótia’ke [Broken in two]) – Montreal, QC

Tken’taró:ton (Many chimneys are standing there) – Saint-Placide, QC

Tsi ienontahrástha (Place to march up a mountain) – Calvary Mountain

Tsi kahiatonsherón:ni (Where the papers are made) – Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC

Tsi kania’tarón:ni (Where the cloths are made) – Beauharnois, QC

Tsi tkahná:wate (Where the rapid is) – LaSalle, QC

Wishòn:ke (Place of the plums) – Saint-Philippe, QC

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Map: Jordan Engel. As always, the Decolonial Atlas’ original media can be reused under the Decolonial Media License 0.1.



  1. Spell kanehsatake friggin correctly!! Fed up of this bullshit. Should of asked someone before printing it! Smh


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