Mapped: Race and Police Violence

Using data from Fatal Encounters, we mapped the fatalities of police violence in various U.S. cities over the past decade, noting the race/ethnicity of the victims, and the racial demographics of the neighborhood.

The evidence is clear: Black and brown neighborhoods are over-policed, and cops in those neighborhoods are primed to respond with more violence than they would in white neighborhoods.




  1. Mike Brown and Freddie Gray “deaths” were not caused by criminal police actions. Mike Brown shooting was justified (proven in court), Freddie Gray died because of his own dumb decisions

    play stupid games – win stupid prizes


  2. Yikes, problematic map? What percentage of these shootings were justified? I would bet the vast majority

    Just a reminder also, the Rayshard Brooks and Freddie Gray shootings were both found by courts to be justifiable.


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