White Voters, 1964-2020

Distribution of white voters in presidential elections, 1964-2020. Chart: Jordan Engel

Democrats haven’t won the white vote in a presidential election since 1964. Election after election, it’s up to Black, Indigenous, and people of color to “save” the United States, while the majority of white people, this time without plausible deniability, cast their votes for white supremacy.

The Democrats can thank them by not taking their votes for granted, and blaming them for not being thrilled with their options. The Democrats can thank them by not turning around after the election and defunding their communities, sending the cops to brutalize protesters, and silencing their calls for justice.

Roper Center, “How Groups Voted”
CNN 2016 exit poll
CNN 2020 exit poll

One comment

  1. The shift from Democrats to Republicans has to do with the change in campaign rhetoric employed during the Goldwater and Nixon years, as accurately encapsulated in this graph. Goldwater attempted to appeal to the rugged individualism of the cowboy archetype as part of his rhetoric. However, it was considered milquetoast in comparison to Nixon’s rhetoric, which employed code-words that had racist implications. Ian Haney Lopez explains this in-depth in his book about dog-whistling politics. It is such a shame that divisive politics continue to gravitate white voters to the Republican Party to this very day.


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