Black Massacres in the U.S.

Black Massacres (1)
Black Massacres in the US. Map by Jordan Engel

As millions of voices join the chorus declaring that Black Lives Matter, as COVID-19 disproportionately afflicts Black communities, as President Trump holds a rally on the hallowed ground that was Black Wall Street, we need to do the work of uncovering America’s suppressed history of Black massacres.

Massacres are the violence inherent to white supremacy unleashed in full force. Taking untold scores of Black lives, these massacres have largely been erased from the public consciousness.

– In 1868, around 200 recently emancipated African Americans were killed by a white mob in Opelousas, Louisiana for registering voters.
– In 1919, as many as 237 Black farmers in Elaine, Arkansas were lynched for organizing their labor to negotiate better conditions.
– Tulsa’s Greenwood neighborhood was once the wealthiest Black community in the country, earning it the moniker of “Black Wall Street.” In 1921, it was bombed, burning it to the ground and leaving up to 300 dead.
– In 2015, a lone white supremacist in Charleston entered one of the country’s oldest Black churches and shot 10 worshipers in cold blood.

These events are not isolated footnotes of American history. As author Kimberly Jones recently explained in the video below, they are systematic expressions of white supremacy.

“Every time that they don’t like the way that you’re playing, or that you’re catching up, or that you’re doing something to be self-sufficient, they burn your game… So if I played 400 rounds of Monopoly, and I had to give you every dime that I made, and then for 50 years, every time that I played, if you didn’t like what I did, you got to burn it, like they did in Tulsa and like they did in Rosewood, how can you win? You can’t win. The game is fixed… They are lucky that what Black people are looking for is equality and not revenge.”



For more information on many of these massacres, the Zinn Education Project is a good resource.

As always, Decolonial Atlas maps can be reused under the Decolonial Media License 0.1.



  1. True Power(and Black Power) is built on immaculate organization, an education that solves your problems and fits your needs as a distinct people, using your resources to better yourself and your community, a strong family unit and cooperative community, correct knowledge of history of oneself and others, the identity of yourself (and by doing do you know who your enemies are) and others that look like you as to work towards a common destiny and therefore achieve economically, politically and military power. This is why they have worked relentlessly to destroy African people in every nefarious way possible. Let’s face it without whites and their DECEPTION, robbing, intimidation, psych violence and psychological warfare, raping, killing, breaking up families, kidnapping and beating blacks into labor, whites would have nothing. This is what white power rests on. Which means these lazy non creative lowest life form white people are naturally are at the bottom and are inferior.

    Their history and culture is nothing to be desired. Most whites don’t even know they couldn’t even read or write and that they had no schools prior to the 15th century when they initiated the transatlantic enslavement period by selling Africans as commodities and livestock, a gruesome practice never before seen before in history. What I don’t understand is how europeans considered Africans 3/5 of a human being but these same people you treated less than names they NEEDED them for everything to not only survive but built wealth for them to be and get what they have now.

    Oh yeah let us not forget, European “scholars” learned everything by going to Africa and Africans.

    As I said earlier they can’t accept the truth on who they are and haven’t and/or refuse to come to terms for all the crimes against humanity so they use unhealthy mechanisms such as denial, rationalization and projection by projecting their undesirable savage, criminal and barbaric traits onto Africans for material gain,
    resource gain, and psychological gain. They do this so they can walk away feeling blameless for the crimes they’ve committed and transfer it over to the people they’ve abused and stolen from.

    Whites lack melanin in their skin and eyes, which is genetically really bad and they resent the people with the most genetic potential-Black people. Unlike Black. The sun doesn’t like whites, which is tragic because sun nourishes and provides life. I can’t imagine not being able to enjoy the sun and nature.

    They are no more than 4000 thousand years old. No one is sure where they really come from, not even them but let’s just use Europe for example. Resourceless, cold, cloudy place with nutrient deficient land, ice age heritage, bad genetics, too many health problems, very lineal basic thinking and they lack creativity. Blacks are the exact opposite. Genetically and culturally superior. Brilliant because they are melanin rich. As I previously stated, the sun loves melanin and Blacks have a lot of genetic potential, unlike whites, which makes whites extremely jealous and the lash out in tremendous amounts of hostility. Africans genes are the most genetically diverse and valuable. They brought civilization into the world. They are over 200,000 years old. I could go on.

    Ultimately whites exploit, enslave, terrorize, kill and rob the black community by the relentless use of racism and other manipulative and violent means because they can do so. White power rests on DECEPTION, violence(physical but mostly PSYCHOLOGICAL warfare), exploitation and that power cannot and won’t last.
    One last comment before I go.

    Whites love using “individual rule” or blaming it on their ancestors but their ancestors did this so they didn’t have to. They are their ancestors as we are ours. Whites have to remember the golden rule that says “do onto others, as you’d have them do onto you”. What you put out you get back x3. Karma has never escaped anyone, not even the white man and white woman.
    What their ancestors have done and what they have done collectively as a nation will be apart of their bloodline forever until they have vanished off this earth sooner rather than later. Which will happen.

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  2. White people are DEVILS period and soon they will be forgotten forever a ever deuterony 28 they are the descendants of Esau


  3. It is true that terrible things hasbeen done to Blacks globaly, As you can hear the story of 1919 where it is said that as many as 237 Black Farmers in Elaine were lynch for organizing labour to negotiate better conditions which was not wrong at all, Because they were fighting for rights as their aims was to feed the nation as it is part of nature that we must feed each other. It was the duty of Farmers to feed nation even today it is the duty of Farmers to feed the nation so that we be able to have healthy people on Earth who do things better than before. In other words they were fighting for equality as we were all born free and equaly as we are all connected. Regards Solomon Solly Mbiko.


    • That’s why we as black peoples black Americans not as a Minority but black Americans need to be reimburse wealth as a means of reparation for all the evil and unjust and neglect Of education jobs fair housing decency and respect as an American


      • Oh,B.S..You want money from something that happened 150 years ago? Tell me what YOU did to deserve money.My people did not move to the the USA until 1891.So do I owe you money? Why? What if I’m not white? Maybe I’m from the middle east.Do I owe you money? Just stop! Get on with your life. Stop blaming.


        • We can see your special. This right here is the daily ignorance. It’s okay, you was taught to be this way. Don’t be mad, because “We are God’s original people”. Read your bible. “We will overcome, the time is near”.


        • Michael Piwinski, If your daughter, son, mother, family member, died or was physically/mentally damaged for life, etc., due to intentional negligence or a drunk driver or the company’s bad product, etc., AND it was proven that it caused the death or phy/mental etc damage. Would you file a lawsuit against that company or person or doctor, etc. (for damages) for the death or disfigurement of your wife or daughter or son or mother,etc.??


  4. The blacks are killing more blacks than anyone else.
    You morons as a whole are a detriment to any society and neighborhood.
    Fix yourselves.


    • Guess you forgot about the hundreds of mass shootings committed by murderous white folks largely and overwhelmingly!
      Happening often….


    • “The blacks”? The true biblical detriment to society are whites who emanated from the Caucasoid Mts., who have historically robbed, killed, destroyed and displaced wherever they have set foot. This is all due to a “reprobate” mind. You are inferior, unrighteous, hedonistic, barbaric, heart & soulless, gutless, and without repentance. This is your perpetual DNA.


    • You using that statement as an excuse blacks killing more blacks, come again. I think you have seen that statement so much you believe it. If the media is only showing you comes in black communities then that is what you going to see….. would it be fair to say more white people are terrorists or serial killers and you all needs fix this problem… … I’m say this again when we speak up. Stand up and defend our selves or our history this is the only sorry line you speak of. That is not communication that’s an insult.


    • Thats because we as Blacks were forced to live rssourceless environments. It is a shame to say, but we were and are being brainwashed into thinking we are inferior. This is all part of the “The White Racist Ideology’s plan and design to keep us down. We are the first civilization, whiles crawled on all fours in the Caucus Mountains.


  5. Most of the time we Blacks, we are not looking for revenge instead, we are looking for equality in order for us all to be able to move forward to feed the nation and save our Planet, Let us all stop deny wrongs of the past. Regards Solomon Solly Mbiko.


  6. in effect the police are massacring black people, they are just spreading it out more so it looks like less…


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