Trump’s Immigration Ban: Map


Trump’s Immigration Ban Excludes Countries With Business Ties, Includes Most Countries US has Bombed in Past Year.

President Trump has signed an executive order that bans citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East from entering the United States for 90 days, according to the White House. His proposed list doesn’t include Muslim-majority countries where his Trump Organization has done business or pursued potential deals. Properties include golf courses in the United Arab Emirates and two luxury towers operating in Turkey.




  1. Map is wrong, US don’t take part in the second libyan civil war and they’re not bombing Somalia. Plus they’re helping Iraq in their war against ISIS and Iraqis aren’t banned anymore.


  2. This is disingenuous. The US government has given these countries a pass for eyars, during both democratic and republic administrations. I don’t agree with the current administration, but neither will I be a party to statements that skew the truth.


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