Car Insurance vs. Health Insurance in the U.S.

In 13 US states, adult motorists are more likely to insure their vehicles than their own health, highlighting the sad state of the country’s medical system and its car-dependence.

Unlike most countries, the US is structured around needing a car to get to your job, and needing a job to get health insurance. It’s a country where car-less people often struggle to find work, and where people often lose their cars to ruinous medical debt, creating a vicious cycle brought on by profit-driven corporations. When private industries dictate public policy, like the auto industry and the pharmaceutical industry have done for decades, you’re left with a system that serves none but the investors.

The working class is then forced to choose between health insurance or car insurance because they can’t afford both. Their “freedom” is making decisions with no good options.

Map: Jordan Engel

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