Names and Locations of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet

Names and Locations
Names and Location of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet, 2019 – by Jordan Engel

“The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.” – Utah Phillips

Just 100 companies are responsible for more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988. The guys who run those companies – and they are mostly guys – have gotten rich on the backs of literally all life on Earth. Their business model relies on the destruction of the only home humanity has ever known. Meanwhile, we misdirect our outrage at our neighbors, friends, and family for using plastic straws or not recycling. If there is anyone who deserves the outrage of all 7.5 billion of us, it’s these 100 people right here. Combined, they control the majority of the world’s mineral rights – the “right” to exploit the remaining unextracted oil, gas, and coal. They need to know that we won’t leave them alone until they agree to Keep It In The Ground. Not just their companies, but them. Now it’s personal.

Houston tops this list as home to 7 of the 100 top ecocidal planet killers, followed by Jakarta, Calgary, Moscow, and Beijing. The richest person on the list is Russian oil magnate Vagit Alekperov, who is currently worth $20.7 billion.

The map is in the form of a cartogram which represents the size of countries by their cumulative carbon dioxide emissions since industrialization.

This map is a response to the pervasive myth that we can stop climate change if we just modify our personal behavior and buy more green products. Whether or not we separate our recycling, these corporations will go on trashing the planet unless we stop them. The key decision-makers at these companies have the privilege of relative anonymity, and with this map, we’re trying to pull back that veil and call them out. These guys should feel the same personal responsibility for saving the planet that we all feel.

Names and Locations North America.png
Closeup of the top 32 North Americans killing the planet.
Names and Locations Europe.png
Closeup of the top 18 Europeans killing the planet.

“Names and Location of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet, 2019” was made by Jordan Engel. It can be reused under the Decolonial Media License 0.1.

2017 Carbon Majors Report
WRI Climate Analysis Indicators Tool via The Carbon Map
The Forbes List of Richest People in the World



  1. Please note Octavio Romero is a whole different deal. Theoretically he does not profit from the sales of PEMEX oil (doesn’t mean they can’t be crooked) PEMEX it’s a state run company and the profits go to the national coffers, not the person, PEMEX is not a private company, and the CEO does not directly profit from it. So if you have PEMEX because it is an oil company, sure, but be aware, it is one of our few steady incomes for the country


    • The same goes for the two norwegian companies. They are state-owned and the directors are wealthy, but not very rich people. And in Norway you have no corruption so they don’t profit directly from the activities of the company. It’s just plain stupid to have them on the list.

      The majority of the companies in the middle-east are state-owned as well. But state and private ownership are a bit mixed up inte those countries so it’s a different deal.


  2. […] The Decolonial Atlas ekimeneko kideen esanetan, munduko mehatze, petrolio, gas eta ikatz uztiapenen eskubideak dituzten enpresatzar horietan, erabakimena duten gizon eta emakumeek (zehazki 99 gizon eta emakume bakarrak) anonimatoa izaten dute sarritan lagun, eta mapa honen bitartez fokupean jarri nahi dituzte, hauexek merezi omen dutelako planetan bizi garen gainontzeko 7.500 milioi biztanleon sumina, Lurra suntsitzea baitute aberastu dituen negozio. […]


  3. OK, let us assume only 1 of this 100 persons makes clear his mind and changed his point of view. Guess, how long it would take to fire this unlucky man and then destroying his life completely. What do you think?

    If you find the answer you probably recognize that your approach is childish.


      • AND YOUR SNARKY, RUDE COMMENT IS PART OF THE PROBLEM! Don’t purchase products such corporations produce for one thing; it takes a concerted effort from all of us working together to go after each of these gozillas piece by piece.


    • the approach one surmises here is exposure, plain and simple. is such approach childish ? hardly. while it is true that all these contingently powerful people are to some degree (and for a variety of sometimes sinister reasons) both willing and compelled to do what is irresponsible and insane, they are vulnerable from the side of their victims as well. So, ultimately, it is truly a matter of how, in what way, and to what degree is one to organize a backlash in their direction. But, clearly, the first step is knowing from exposure. You should be thankful for the article’s writer effort in that regard !!!


  4. Unfortunately it’s a fallacy that National Governments can do anything to set binding laws or legislation to save the planet. Due to international trade agreements, invester dispute schemes, TPP ect. our Governments can and have been sued in secret courts and are paying hundreds of millions of dollars if they enforce environmental laws. This is why good meaning politicians are having the make sour deals with international fossil fuel corporations (mostly American owned). Capitalism, particularly Neoliberalism, being use by “the elites”, is the route cause and must be dealt with.


    • quite the contrary, the fallacy is that national governments can do nothing about it without making changes that are not more irresponsible or insane than not making them. And that’s mainly because government is made of people and laws, not capitalism, ideology, or even theoretical/practical mindset. And that is also why dialectical materialism is not only beside the point but persistently unhelpful. A materialism of ideas or of principle is always bogus, what really counts is only a materialism of decision and action !!!


  5. So. Become an Earth Protector and ask your friends to become one also. There is no more powerful tool to protect the Earth, because when ecocide becomes a crime, corporate behaviour is forced to change. Not because CEOs become liable to prosecution (although they do and that’s an exciting prospect) but because ECOCIDAL PRACTICES BECOME ILLEGAL. They can’t be permitted by governments, underwritten by insurers or backed by investors… and so they have to stop.
    For 2 minutes and a fiver to become an Earth Protector, I’d say that’s worth a punt.
    Polly Higgins certainly thought so – she bet her whole life on it. Let’s make sure her work is not wasted.


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