Blank Maps – Make Your Own!

Do you have an idea for a map that you want to share with the world? Now is your chance. We hope that these maps will help to facilitate participatory mapping – cartography which represents the agenda of the community by depicting local knowledge and information. Rotate the map to fit your preferred orientation. Add any features you want. If you want to, send your maps back to us at so we can see what you did!

These maps depict only the coastlines of the world. Other than that, they are blank slates. No countries. No artificial borders. They use the Eckert IV projection, which was created in 1906 by Max Eckert. Aside from being known as the founder of cartography as an academic discipline, Eckert was unfortunately also a Nazi supporter. The Eckert IV is an equal-area projection which is widely used for thematic maps of the world because it distorts the polar regions less than other equal-area projections, such as the famous Gall-Peters projection.

Eckert IV Atlantic

Eckert IV projection with the central meridian set at 0° (Atlantic-centered)

Eckert IV Pacific

Eckert IV projection with the central meridian set at 155° (Pacific-centered)



  1. These are awesome! Would it be possible to get a version of the Eckert IV projection with the central meridian set at 155° (Pacific-centered) with latitude and longitude lines?

    I’m hoping to use this with students to map out patterns of human migration and comparing climates and biomes at different latitudes.

    Thank you so much for your maps – I am looking forward to showing them to students!


  2. Hi, I’m writing a story set in an alternate universe with different countries than the ones we have. I’m trying to work out a map for all the countries and this map is perfect. I just wanted to check and make absolutely sure that I can use this map. Just wanted to clarify if this was a free to use map, thanks!


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