Decolonial Atlas Featured in Langscape Magazine!

Check out the Decolonial Atlas’s article in the latest issue of Terralingua‘s Langscape magazine!

In it, Dr. Luisa Maffi writes that, “Erasing sense of place is very much a part of the colonialist project that began in the so-called “Age of Exploration” and continues to this day with globalization. The articles in “Action” bring up some of the activist responses that this planned erasure evokes. Jordan Engel points to the ways in which mapmaking has been an instrument of empire, particularly through the overlaying of place names that don’t reflect in any way the ecological and cultural history of a place and the relationship of the original people with the land. His “Decolonial Atlas” project is a remarkable collaborative effort to build alternative maps that “challenge our relationships with the environment and the dominant culture.””

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