The European Diaspora: European Ancestry Worldwide

The European Diaspora: European Ancestry Worldwide, by Nagihuin via Wikimedia

The European Diaspora: European Ancestry Worldwide, by Nagihuin via Wikimedia

One of the many ironies of the anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe today is that it fails to acknowledge Europe’s own history of emigration. This map shows the percentage of each country’s population that has some claim to European ancestry. Taken together, it could be argued that Europeans are the world’s largest diaspora, with an estimated population of over 480 million people.

However, just what constitutes European ancestry is highly controversial.

The map excludes Turks and Azerbaijanis from being Europeans, but includes Georgians and Armenians. While this may be because the former are Muslim and the latter are Christians this is not wholly satisfying due to the fact that Balkan Muslims are considered European.

Nagihuin, who created the map, got the figures for each country used the European Diaspora Wikipedia page and the following sources:

USA census. Russian census by oblast, autonomous provinces and other subnational entities linked in the Russian Wikipedia. Ethnic census in Central Asia, Australia states/territories, Latin American and Southern African countries quoted in articles in Wikipedia. Non-european immigrants population recounts in Europe in different articles.

Therefore, based on most national censuses, many mixed race people would also be excluded from the map above and the data below.

If we take the controversial definition the map uses, the European descended diaspora population by country is as follows:

  • United States – 223,553,265
  • Brazil – 91,051,646
  • Argentina – 38,900,000
  • Canada – 25,186,890
  • Australia – 20,982,665
  • Mexico – 20,100,000+
  • Colombia – 17,519,500
  • Venezuela – 13,169,949
  • Cuba – 7,160,399
  • South Africa – 4,472,100
  • Chile – 3,5M+
  • Costa Rica – 3,500,000
  • New Zealand – 3,381,076
  • Puerto Rico – 3,064,862
  • Uruguay – 2,851,095
  • Dominican Republic – 2,000,000+
  • Bolivia – 2,000,000+
  • Peru – 1,4M-4,4M+
  • Ecuador – 1,400,000+
  • Paraguay – 1,300,000+
  • Nicaragua – 1,000,000+