Baltic Tribes, 1200 CE

Baltic Tribes, 1200 CE
Baltic Tribes circa 1200 CE

The Baltic region of Europe (modern Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia, and Poland) circa 1200 CE. The Baltic tribes of this era practiced various forms of paganism about which little is known today. Beginning in the 13th century CE, Christian crusaders from Denmark, Sweden, and Germany invaded the Baltic region, converting tribes in what was one of the last parts of Europe to be Christianized.

European people are indigenous people. In the words of Ward Churchill, “Euro-Americans are indigenous people too. Not here, but they’re indigenous to somewhere with indigenous traditions and understandings of the land. They need to get back in touch with that. They must recover that which has been taken from them in the process of colonization, taken in the same fashion that things are being taken from us, now.”


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