Global Biocultural Diversity

Plant Diversity vs. Language Diversity
Plant Diversity vs. Language Diversity

There are many ways to measure both biodiversity and cultural diversity. In these three variations of the same map, biodiversity is measured by plants and cultural diversity is measured by languages.

“Biocultural diversity is a global manifestation of life on Earth that arises from myriad local interactions between people and nature. It has a geographic dimension that results in specific patterns at regional and global levels. In 2000, we [Terralingua] produced the first map of the global overlaps between biological and linguistic diversity. The results of this work have supported the development of international policy, as well as advocacy for Indigenous Peoples’ rights. Subsequent research carried out at the University of Florida has deepened our understanding of the geography of biocultural diversity, and of the factors that account for the maintenance or erosion of diversity in nature and culture.”

Learn more about Biocultural diversity and Terralingua’s work to sustain it:

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