Europe: A Basque Perspective

Europa (Europe) in Euskara (Basque), by Jordan Engel
Europa (Europe) in Euskara (Basque), by Jordan Engel

Aside from being labelled in Euskara – the Basque language – this map also imagines the existence of an independent Basque state. Euskal Herria (Basque Country) is the homeland of the Euskaldunak (the Basque people), currently spanning the borders of Spain and France on Bizkaiko Golkoa (the Bay of Biscay). If Euskal Herria was an independent, sovereign state, it would be the 39th largest in Europe, behind Macedonia.


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  1. This is ‘Europe in Basque’. I have coincidentally written a piece on ethnic mix of population in Paris recently. Would like to share it with you at : I wonder how you create such wonderful maps. I have studied the Indian and world georgraphy but never worked on digital aspects of it. I am eager to learn how can these maps be created digitally.


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