Scotland in Scottish Gaelic

Alba (Scotland) in Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) by Jordan Engel
Alba (Scotland) in Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) by Jordan Engel

Scotland came very close this year to becoming an independent country. This map was made after the referendum vote to highlight the degree to which Scotland has been colonized by the English language. Glasgow is so rarely referred to by its Gàidhlig name, Glaschu. And while the difference may seem trivial, imagine the outrage the English would feel if forced to refer to their main city by it’s Gàidhlig name, Londain.



  1. Orkney has never spoken Gaelic. It’s language was Norn, an old variation of Norse. Imposing Gaelic in Orkney is cultural imperialism


  2. Gaelic is not the only Scots language, as the Gaeldom didn’t cover all of what we now call Scotland. I’m from the far southwest, and my ancestors were more likely proto-Welsh speakers.

    It might be more useful to map places in local Scots dialects, of which there are many.


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